Sunday, August 22, 2010

Danielle and PAX 8 Punkin Patootie!!!!!

What a fun pair to watch!!!!  6 year old Danielle and 13 year old Punkin, a Labrador Retriever, DQ'ed AGAIN today to earn Punkin's 8th PAX and Danielle's first!  We were in Burnsville, MN at the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Agility Trials.

(Danielle, Punkin and Paul)

There was the normal 'hush' over the crowd as Danielle took to the line, with Punkin, owned by Paul Young.  Danielle is a 'fill in' handler for Punkin when she's available, and has successfully run her several times before.

I had no idea that this 'could' be the 160th DQ Punkin earned in the preferred classes to earn her 8th PAX!!  As Danielle and Punkin cleared the last jump, the crowd went WILD!!!  Of course, there's always a lot of cheering when they are done, but this was different!  Adults were rushing to the ring gates, telling Danielle to "grab a bar" and do a 'victory lap'.  It was pretty obvious Danielle didn't have any idea what they were trying to tell her.  Finally, she understood, took the bar and she and Punkin did the cutest PAX LAP EVER!!

To make the day even more special for this family, Danielle's Grandmother, Alice Howe and her dog, Zap, finished their MACH earlier in the day!!  How fun is that!!!!!  I'm sure their will be cake at the next trial....I sure hope they bring one to DSM!!  Hint Hint!  

(Danielle and Punkin PAX 8, with her Grandmother,
Alice Howe, and new MACH Zap!)

I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of Danielle in the future.  You might want to get your autographs NOW while they are still FREE!!  She's now running a spit fire of a Papillion that she's trained and it's amazing.   Lucky for me, it's in the 8" class.  Unfortunately for Carrie and Corgi, Marti, as well as Trish and Bichon, Angel, Danielle's little dog is in the 8" class!!  VBG  

Huge Congrats from the Iowa Orange Crew -  
Danielle, Punkin and Paul!!


  1. That is totally cool. Even cooler with cake. LOL

  2. That is awesome!! Fingers crossed for cake in DSM!!