Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Special Sophie!

Sophie - 6/21/98 - 8/24/10

Sweet Sophie Summerhund, CD, RN, AX, MXJ, U-CD, U-AGI, U-AGII.   

 From Rilda:

Sophie had a good day yesterday.  Helped me mow, Frisbee in tow.  Later in the evening Ryelee tried everything he could to get her to play (totally out of Ryelee's norm).  Play bowed, ran past her, to initiate the chase game.  She would bark at him as he ran by but that was about it.  She seemed so tired and weak by the time we went to bed.  Breathing a little harder.  This morning she ate, promptly threw up and was just really struggling.  I knew it was time.  I knew she would let me know and she did.  She actually died in my arms before Dr. Erin actually administered the 2nd drug.  
Her biggest legacy, (next to that table issue) is that without her - none of you guys (and many others) would be in my life.  All because I had a naughty little schnauzer - I met all of you. 
---and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.   
(Beth Norman Harris). 
I'll miss her so much.
From Smooth Sailin'

Sophie was truly a remarkable little dog.  They started obedience classes because Sophie wouldn't let her, Rilda, on the bed!  Can you picture this little 14lb dog, saying "NO" to the Momma!  G  It's true.  One our our "Orange Crews" favorite things to do, was to pass Sophie from one person to the next.  You see, we could all do it and Sophie would be quite as a church mouse.  When Sophie was handed to Rilda however, she'd make that most amazing growling noises.  It was hysterical!  Sophie didn't mean anything by it, I think it was her way of telling Rilda that she loved her.  I will miss that noisy little dog! 
After her first pet obedience class, dog sports just took over!  We all know how that is!  Rilda and Sophie  entered obedience, agility and even Rally trials!  She did very well indeed.   Her nemesis was the table! Sophie could NOT understand why anyone would want to stop a perfectly good run in order to take a 5 second break!  I think she figured if the Momma couldn't run for 45 seconds straight, then they should just DEAL WITH IT!  G

Of course, there was Rilda's birthday one year when we filled her dog crates with Diet Pepsi.  Sophie just went right in, we're still not sure how she fit.  What a good little dog!

She also LOVED to watch animal shows!  Here she is, taking on a Gorilla!  Rilda was safe in her home with Sophie there, that's for sure!  At least from Gorillas!

You're a GOOD GIRL Sophie!


  1. So many fun Sophie memories. I forgot about the time you tripped over her and your ss hood went over your head (thanks Michele). She brought so much happiness and laughs to so many people. The Pepsi and Schnauzer crate was hysterical.