Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poisonous Toadstools??

Poor Seeker!

What started out as a short fun training session,
turned into a not so fun vomiting party.

Gee, just like your ole' college days!!

The Toadstool - top/bottom

We were working on our running A-Frame Foundation work.
He was completing a series of jumps, then running
through his box and I'd toss a mini marshmallow.
(Our treat of choice)

A good toss, with bad placement!
It landed right next to a toadstool.
It was the size of a mini marshmallow.
Seeker ate it!
You would think it was a lab or something!
Sorry Cougars!

It took about 3 minutes for me to decide to grab the hydrogen peroxide.
Do you risk it being poisonous, and freak out for several days, or
do you induce vomiting and have an uncomfortable 15 minutes?

Afterward, I looked through the Internet.
I think it was probably safe,
but I feel better not having to worry.

"When in Doubt, Get it OUT!"

Seeker would have preferred to have waited!
He is still one unhappy little camper!
He's such a sensitive little man.
Poor guy!!

"Leave me alone...I'm not talking to you!"

"Unless you want to play with Squeaky Ball that is!!"

He can have it in the house....for a little while.

Squeaky ball is an OUTSIDE toy!!


  1. Poor Seeker... nothing worse than someone makin' ya barf up something ya wanted to keep!!

  2. Poor Seek . . . note to self, watch where I toss those marshmallows . . . not sure Phoenix is very discriminating either. If it would ever quit RAINING ALL THE TIME maybe the bumper crop of toadstools would go away.

  3. Coach understands Seeker's pain - he is the barf king of the world due to many poor choices of his own.