Monday, August 30, 2010

USDAA Rule Changes!

If your head is still spinning from the AKC Rule changes, I'm happy to report that USDAA has FEWER!! 

 On July 1, 2010, the USDAA Board released several approved rule changes, which can be read in full on line. Effective dates range from immediate to 2011, depending on the particular change.

Some of the highlights are:

* The weave poles specifications have been expanded. Poles shall be set at 22" (55cm) spacing when measured center to center, with tolerance in construction permitted of +/- 2" (5cm).

* The tire jump definition now permits an option to use a "displaceable" tire. When the tire is displaced or separated, a penalty of five standard fault points shall be assessed. Check the website for the specifications of acceptable displaceable tires.

* All tires should have cabling that does not create a web in which a dog could become entangled.
* The aperture of the tire shall measure approximately 20" (51cm), within standard tolerances (i.e., plus or minus 1" or 2.54cm).

* Title name changes will be made in the Performance Program to more closely align titles between the Championship and Performance Programs (e.g., Performance Dog, Advanced Performance Dog, Master Performance Dog, Performance Dog Champion, etc.). Class names will remain unchanged.

* A new Veterans Program will be introduced for the primary titling classes. Details will be published later.

* The Performance Speed Jumping tournament will introduce Regional Championship classes and a Championship Quarterfinals class in the annual Championship.

* For the 2011 tournament season, a competitor/dog team must qualify in at least two of the three tournaments within a Program (Championship or Performance), in order to advance to the annual Championship event.

A new rulebook that incorporates the changes will be coming soon.

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