Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Agility Handling Move! "The Fogt"!

If you're a member of the "Orange Crew" and happen to perform to a new agility move, chances are, it will be named after you.  To be honest, it's only named after you 'if' other "Orange Crew" people have observed it, and feel it was either significantly funny enough, or has reoccurred often enough to deserve the honor. 

For instance, there's the Hartzler.  This is named after Michele, who tends to celebrate 'too early' at the end of a run on a regular basis, thus resulting in dropping the last bar.  While this isn't funny, it has occurred with enough frequency that even she realizes she's completed a "Hartzler".  

Not to be confused with the other Hartzler move, which involves two "cougars" (aka - yellow labs) pulling on a leash, while Jeff is being towed behind.  They come to a cement curb in which the cougars clear, but Jeff does not.  This sent Jeff to the ER, and resulted in ripped pants and stitches to his knee.  Michele, then ran through the trial site in order to drive him to the ER, tripping on a inside curb, sending her to the ER as well.  Although this wasn't funny at the time, they were both fine, thus naming this one on their own.  

There's the full Kittrell, which involves falling down on course with your dog.  This involves totally going down, while your dog successfully completes the obstacle "before" coming back to see if you're okay.

Finally, we have the Wichmann Whirl.  I actually have video of this one, but you'll need to go here - 

to see it.  I no longer have it on my FLIP archives.  This involves loosing sight of your dog on course, only to spin all the way around, only to find he's still on course with you.  Good boy Jamie!!! G

Finally, we get to our NEW Handling Move!  The Fogt!! It's been awhile since we've had a new handling move to perfect!  This one involves a start with an open tunnel, a tunnel obsessed dog, a british slip lead and a handler that either needs MORE HANDS, or less to drink!  G  ENJOY!!!  I know we sure did as it actually happened.  I haven't laughed that hard at an agility trial in a long time!!The part you don't see is that the leash ends up landing about the same time Packer exits the tunnel.  Michele tossed it that high in the air.  Even the judge was laughing!  


  1. I love it Michelle! Welcome to the club!

  2. That is great - much better than my early wrestling matches trying to get the dang leash out of Jazz's fur!

  3. Now that was quick thinking!