Wednesday, August 11, 2010

USDAA Dog Agility - CYNOSPORT - Entries Open

FINALLY!! The premium list is out for this years big event! This is the first year I'll attend the Cynosport games and I'm looking forward to it. Dogs and Handlers will be traveling from all of the US and Europe. Some will even travel from Spain, Mexico and Japan. Talk about competition!

Seeker will run a minimum of 9 times, so that will make us both happy! He could run more, as long as he runs fast and clean. Since he qualified over the 22" jumps, he'll need to remain in that class. I would have much preferred the 26" height, but we'll live. Lesson learned. He is a totally different dog when you take away 4". Much faster, thus I need to be too.

We'll be running with family members, Shenna - Shiver (litter sister), and Carol - Rio (Cousin) in the DAM Team 3 Dog Championship. Yep, '3 Sheeps To the Wind' rides again! All 3 dogs will also be competing in the Grand Prix Championships and $10000 Steeplechase Championship.

During down time, we'll be able to watch other fabulous dogs run, and visit the Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, and Frisbee competitions. I'm sure there will be PLENTY TO DO!!


  1. You soooooo haf to flip your big adventure so the rest of us can see what we are missing!!!

  2. You will have so much fun! Bet there's fun shopping!

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