Monday, August 31, 2009

Agility Trials are STRESSFUL!!!

Just ask the ORANGE PEOPLE!!!

Yes, that's Jeff and Barb reading their books. Terry, I'm not
sure if he's just watching....or praying?? This was
Sunday after all. G

Back at the hotel, Seeker was trying to get Addie
to wash his face, just like Mad does for him at home.
The problem was, Addie's face is always washed
by her brother, Pauly....So, Addie didn't
really want to wash his face.

Bill, Addie and Kruz....
Enjoying a FOOTBALL game together.

This was just cute. These two showed up on their bikes
with their cocker spaniels in the baskets. They were
such good little dogs. They never moved the whole time.

A good weekend.

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