Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glen Carbon Update - Davenport UPDATES Saturday 8/22

Me Again, The Agile Reporter in Marion. I have heard from the group in Glen Carbon. They were sitting at Zapata's Mexican Restaurant with a pitcher of Margs. Yep - that's our group. Now for the important stuff:
Michele and Cider - Q'd in Standards but a little handler error on the Jumpers course, involving the weave poles.
Jeff and Bea - Q'd in Jumpers but didn't get to play long on the Standard course. Bea didn't hold her stay and then a couple other things fell apart. So Jeff decided there would be another day and they left the course.
Addie and Carrie - DQ !!! Carrie is very excited about the starts and all the contacts that Addie is hitting on. Good little dog.
Liz reported that she was still vertical and Tillie got an Open Std. Leg and that was about it today. This is good on both counts.
Meg Cowell and Emmie got her 2nd leg in Ex. A JWW with a first place. Woo Hoo! She also said that on the standard course there was an "episode". After having various "episodes" herself, this Agile Reporter did not ask her to elaborate.
The Orange Crew was joined by some friends from the Quad City area. Aletha and Owen Double Q'd today. Sharon and Rudy did not Q. Sharon mentioned something about "controlled disaster".

Laura Knoll got a DQ with Roxie. Also ran her other two dogs and mentioned she was a little bit tired after 6 runs today. She was refueling however with chips and salsa.

Then there is Norton, our favorite Pug (and Sally of course). Sally wanted to report a DQ on Friday AND ANOTHER today. Good little Pug.
So all in all it was a good day for the Orange Crew and friends. They all sounded very upbeat but I'm not sure if that was due in part to the adult beverages being consumed or just having a great day with dogs and dog friends. I'm guessing probably a little of both. My conversation ended abruptly because the waiter had arrived and I moved way down on the important scale. So once again, at the end of the agility day - there is FOOD! I'm counting on someone in the group to have a Marg and a taco for me.


NADAC in Davenport .....sounds likes a great day!

The following is information from Barb and Terry and the results of the NADAC Trial they were at today. Sounds like they had an awesome trial. Thanks for reporting in to the Agile Reporter.

dogs kicked tail(less) today at the qc nadac trial.
we walked away w/ 9 blues and 2 reds, two novice titles ( coz) and two open titles ( ollie).
rippy tested her lead outs and bottoms and did a fabulous job!! for terry.
coz was tested ALOT and made me very happy:-)

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  1. Sounds AWESOME!! Good job Rilda Sue on the reporting