Monday, August 24, 2009

More NADAC news - 22/23

Dear Nice Lady Who Give Us Treats & Attention, (this would be the agile reporter 'greaser' her sources)

After overhearing my mom and Tammy talking in class on Wednesday night. It appears that there is supposed to be some sort of reporting going on from the “orange crew” NADAC division. So that you are not “terminated” I submit the following information. Please excuse me if I miss someone. I heard that on Saturday Don and Stella completed their Novice Chances title to earn their Novice Versatility Award. Unfortunately that’s all I know about Saturday since we weren’t there.

Today, Becky and Ninya had several Q’s but I don’t know the classes. Carol and Abigail Q’d in Novice Tunnelers. The Ulch crew did pretty well. Emma got her first leg in Open Jumpers and an Elite Tunnelers leg. She NQ’d in both Standard runs because she did just what mom told her to do. Logan completed his Novice Regular and Novice Jumpers Titles and then ran amok very fast in Tunnelers. His run immediately before Carol and Abigail showed them what not to do. I must admit I did pretty good myself, going 4 for 4, finishing my Elite Standard, Open Tunnelers and Novice Jumpers Titles. Hope this helps!


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  1. Great job to all the Team Orange members on their adventures and successes across the Midwest. Sounds like everyone has things to be very happy with . . . and nobody went hungry!