Sunday, August 16, 2009

Peoria, IL - AKC trial - August 16/17

From Meme - Still waiting to hear from Barbara.I

It was a dark and stormy night – just kidding – I missed all the rain – just had to drive in it on the way home.

Saturday, Betty ran AWESOME in jww, but we were running downhill towards the ending and I pushed her out around the next to last jump – RATS. She was all about the “shiny object” in standard – oh well. I am not sure what Frank’s deal was in jww – just kinda weird – NQ. Standard – he ran great and Q’d, got 1st and I moved him up to the B class for Sunday.

Sunday – Betty Q’d in jww and got 2nd – good girly!! She was “riding the unicorn” in standard! Frank Q’d in standard and jww (first in both – I suppose I should tell you that he was the ONLY preferred dog in 12 inch… LOL). So… that should finish both of his “A” titles this weekend, right? Hmmm… not so fast! I entered his info in the computer and realized my error… UGH!! I thought that he was going into this weekend needing one leg each in std and jww for the titles. Guess what? He HAD one leg in each and needed two, so I might be getting the ugly letter from AKC about the leg in standard from the “B” class on Sunday. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll leave him in “A” standard for another leg.

Camping was good, and I’d probably go back there again. It was a nice trial and the site was not too bad – just a little warm this weekend. There were not a lot of people there and Frank really liked that!! It was pretty quiet and he was much more relaxed than he would normally be at a trial. Good boy!!


From Barbara!! (Cozzie's out of JAIL!!! Congrats on your NA/NAJ!!!

we left at 430 am on sat and got there in plenty of time. it was pretty hot that first day, very little breeze. you know how peoria can be in aug:-) ( very low Q rate the whole weekend. they were lovely courses, but again, you
know how peoria can be:-)

terry was Q-less all weekend except sundays open fast, where he took first.
coz nailed both his nov fast runs and took first both times. on sat. he gave me his nov. std. title w/ a first place. and on sun., after waiting one hour for the rain to stop, he gave me his nov. jumpers title w/ a first place. he is still way to obsticle focused, and he really pushes out easy ( needs to work closer to me), but he was drivey and happy all weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend with the weasels. LOL Trust me, you WILL get a letter from the AKC. So good to know someone else can't count legs either!