Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glen Carbon Update - Day THREE!

This Agile Reporter just heard from the group from Glen Carbon. They are headed north after a great week-end. The weather cooperated for St. Louis area weather. That is always a plus.
Here are the results from the Orange Crew on Sunday.
Scamp and Tillie didn't get any Q's today. However, Liz was happy that Scamp hit his weaves.
Jeff had a great standard run with a 4th place. In JWW, Bea dropped a bar. Not sure why but will look at the video to see what caused that to happen.
Emmy did not Q today but ran fast and happy.
Addie - DQ'D (again)!!! Go Addie
Cider and Michele - DQ'd (again)! Go Cider. Michele is attributing her success this week-end to drinking smart water and a new braided leash which happens to be neon orange and neon green. I'm wondering if this is just smart water or smart Blonde water. Whatever it was, it seemed to work.
So if you've been keeping track, it seems that the Orange had a pretty, darn good week-end. Lots of Q's, fun and FOOD! If I were a betting person, I'd say they will find a DQ on the way home to celebrate all the DQ's and all the other Q's for that matter. After all, it is about the food, isn't it.
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  1. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! I sure hope Michele and Carrie's head could FIT in their VANS!!!!! G