Monday, August 3, 2009

Lessons to be learned at the County Fair

I know, this an Agility BLOG!!!

As I sat watching the kids show their cattle over the weekend I learned a LOT of valuable lessons.

#10 - Dogs spend down time in a crate - Cattle get tied to the wall.
#9 - Dogs go to the hotel with you - Cattle get tied outside so the building can air out.
#8 - Dogs walk nicely on a leash - Cattle go when and where they want to!
#7 - Dog's tails tell you when they are happy - Cattle's tails are used as a steering wheel and are cranked on when they won't move forward. Which is quite often.
#6 - Dog's are groomed on a table when their heads in a noose - Cattle are 'fitted' in a chute and their head is wedged so it can't move backwards.
#5 - Dogs bark - Cattle bawl.
#4 - Dogs ride inside your van - Cattle ride in a trailer pulled by your truck.
#3 Dogs have micro chips - Cattle have ear tags.
#2 Dogs ask to go outside to potty - Cattle just GO!
#1 Dog poop easily fits in a baggie - Cattle poop....DOES NOT!

I can honestly say I never saw any of the kids reach into their pocket for a
baggies after the steer pooped!!! LOL

I did watch the part of the lamb show.
The judges speech at the end of the class was very nice.
I guess it was a plus that you could actually UNDERSTAND what
he was saying! I think the cattle judge needed to take
microphone lessons from that guy!

He talked about the kid that took last place in could learn from the kids
that placed above him in the class. It wasn't said as a put down, but more
of how much further he could grow than those that were winning.
Those that were winning, he stated, needed to move on to bigger
shows, so they could continue to learn and grow too.

It made perfect sense, although I don't suppose many of it look at it that way.
Who wants to be at the bottom?

But, if you're always at the top, you have no where to go but down.
If you're at the bottom, you have no where to go but up.
Where do you think that you'll learn the most?

We always need to be sure we're getting better.
That might mean trying new things that are outside our comfort zone.
Doing a bit more research to see what works best for you and your dog.
Asking questions of those we feel are doing a great job and trying those out.

Always looking to IMPROVE!!

and of course


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