Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dog Names!

Since we haven't had any Agility results to post lately, so I thought it might be fun to talk about your dog's registered names and how you came up with them.

Seeker was suppose to be called "Syzygy", guess I lost that battle! I thought Syzygy would be great because his face is all white, like a total eclipse. Bill had other ideas. So, I was outside running the dogs one day and Seeker (puppy), kept running to the shade. It was July after all and apparently he wasn't stupid. I called Bill and asked about using "Shady" as a name. (Hey, it's in a BIGGIE song and a girl's gotta try!!). NO! So, what about Seeker, as in 'shade seeker'. He liked it and that's how he got his call name. Or course, everyone thinks it's Harry Potter related or from the movie "The Seeker", which came out a few months after Bill got him.

The Registered name was a little tougher. I've learned, you must NOT rush these decisions. They are IMPORTANT!!!! A name needs to be 'thought' out and have some true meaning to go with the dog's personality. His registered name I came across totally by accident. It belonged to a horse, a 'former' wild mustang to be more specific. This horse, known as "Hail Yeah", won the 100 day, 100 rider - extreme mustang challenge contest. I thought this was amazing and since Seeker's "Kennel Name" is Lytnstrke, it seemed to fit.

It didn't hurt that Seeker's attitude was exactly the same. Anything you wanted to do Seeker's attitude was always, HAIL YEAH!!!!

A little more searching and I located a theme song for the little guy. It sealed the deal, as even Bill agreed, it FIT!

Care to share how your dogs got their names?


  1. Vinnie - Karbit's Voices In My Head... why? Cause Tammy made me!!! ;-)

  2. Sweet Sophie Summerhund (dog of summer). She was born the first day of summer and for several weeks was just calling her sweety (wishful thinking (G) and it was between Sadie or Sophie. Ryelee was named by my niece and when I decided I was going to show him I just put "Happy Go" Ryelee because he is "such a happy dog". Everyone tells me that when I come out of the ring. If I get another someday, I'm going to want lots of help. I find this name game fascinating.

  3. Phoenix: Carousel's Call of the Wild. Why? He was insane as a puppy. He bit things. He never slept. He chewed EVERYTHING. He tore things up. He acted like a wild animal. He still does, although he is becoming less and less feral. LOL Actually, his litter theme was Wild and I loved the Jack London book by that title.

    Jamie: Ariel's Escape Through Time. His litter theme was "Escape." If you've read the Diana Gabaldon books, you'll get the time travel reference.

  4. Kruz's name was picked out before he was. Our license plate has been K9KRUZER since 1995. It fit that we would need a Kruz. His registered name - Smooth Sailin' was also picked out (by me) early on. Of course I made sure Bill signed and sent in the paperwork before I played the theme song. Notorious B.I.G.'s "What's Beef". G