Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rochester Weekend....

Sunday - Final Tally

No DQ's on Sunday, but SO CLOSE!!!

Kruz - Bill - Q Stnd
Rippy - Terry - Q JWW
Jeff - Bea - Q JWW
Barb - Coz - Q Open Stnd - 2nd leg
Carrie - Addie - Q JWW
Michelle - Packer - Q JWW

The heart breaker of the weekend had to be Michelle/Packer. She did a WONDERFUL Table - sit. Although it's a bit questionable on how much of her was truly on the table. Her tail and most of her butt seemed to be hanging off the edge. They barely missed the down side of the Aframe however, UGH!!! They are so close and will be adding up those DQs in no time!

Friday - Excellent Only
Here's the run down of results for Friday.
Running were Carrie - Addie, Bill - Mad Dog, Tammy - Kruz & Seeker, Terry - Rippy, Jeff - Bea, and Michelle and Packer.
Not a lot of Q's on Friday, but some beautiful runs regardless. Q's from Terry and Rip in JWW, and Seeker in Excellent Stnd A.
Saturday - All Levels + FAST
A COLD day for August, people were bundled up!
It was rather funny to see people wearing multiple layers
and even winter coats this time of year.
I think back to last year and it how hot it was!
Today provided us with a couple fun, fast and challenging courses.
We also gained MORE Q's!!! Even some COLOR!!!
Addie and Carrie = DQ
Michelle and Packer = Q JWW Exc B
Terry and Rippy = Q JWW Exc B
Tammy and Kruz = Q JWW Exc B
Barbara and Coz = Open Stnd - 1st leg
Tammy and Seeker = Q Stnd Exc A = AX and Open JWW = 2nd leg
Sunday should be a lot of fun, it's suppose to be
even cooler in the morning.
Luckily Jeff has his Coffee Maker!!

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