Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running Contacts.....

Is this where agility is headed?

For Top Competitors, I would have to say - YES!

How could anyone with a '2 on 2 off' compete
head to head with a dog walk like this.
It's just amazing to watch. Gives me goose bumps.

Yes, this will be my winter project. I realize it's still summer, but with the Fall trials upon us, this is something that Seeker and I will need to put on the back burner for now. I feel he's solid enough in his understanding of the 2/2 criteria that I don't think he'd have a problem doing both. It sure does look like a LOT of FUN!! FAST FAST FAST!!!

From all the reading I've done on the 'running contacts', it's not something that can be rushed. You need to build your foundation slowly and be sure they have a solid understanding of criteria - running full tilt through to the end of the board - before moving on to any height.

In fact, a gal that uses running contacts with her own dogs doesn't normally have her students do them as the criteria needs to be very specific and most trainers aren't willing to give it the time that's needed. Could be very challenging and interesting at the same time.

Enjoy the video. I like the music. I've figured out the numbers 'cm' is the height of the board as it moves up. It sure looks like the dog is having a blast! ENJOY!


  1. Holy crap! I will say at Nationals is where I really noticed dogs doing that. It was amazing. Very fast and fun to watch.

  2. 1.3 seconds!! Holy Carp!! That's a fast DW. Interesting how he kept his head/center of gravity down when her toy was thrown higher.

  3. There are challenges with this of course. For example, how do you handle a sequence at the end of the dog walk. I guess those are the things you'd work on 'after' you have a running contact like this. It's really fun to watch.

  4. Amazing! Thanks for posting that.

  5. Hi All, if anyone is interested the method being used here is Sylvia Trkman's and she has several of her own videos on watch this method trained to complition and implimented in a trial Daisy Peel (cflyrun) as well as Kathy (kat22oo) on youtube both have trained their dogs successfully with this method...Daisy with her boy Solar and Kathy with her girl Gorgeous!